Some Of The Most Common Errors Made On The Master Cleanse Detox

There are some really common errors that you need to understand before you do the Master Cleanse diet. While these errors are easy to make you need to appreciate that you can avoid them with great ease.
Of course the more you do the master cleanse the more you are going to understand exactly what you need to do and ultimately you will be able to weed out all the issues that are causing problems.
Most of the mistakes that people make with the master cleanse have to do mainly with the preparation that needs to be carried out with the ingredients, materials and equipment etc.
There is no doubt that you will make a few mistakes here and there but believe me that is okay because every time you make a mistake you have the opportunity to learn something new.
Those of you that have done a few Master cleanses before should jump down into the comments and share your experiences with the newcomers to this site! This way more and more people will be able to get better and better results.
Believe me the mistakes that I’m going to describe below are really common but if you take the time to read through them then there is less of a chance that you will end up making one of them.
Mistake Number 1: Believing The Misconceptions About The Master Cleanse Diet
Trust me there are many misconceptions out there in regards to the Master Cleanse diet but the fact is that most of these are unfounded… and often started up by people who have no clue about how the human body actually works.
Believe me there are tons of rumors and misconceptions about virtually everything out there.
And the best way to sift through what is actually fact and what is fiction is to begin to educate yourself.
Believe me, getting on the master cleanse will really be an amazing way to really find out the facts and the fiction in regards to health and what will help you get into the best health of your life.
I really believe that this master cleanse detox is a really great opportunity to actually learn all there is to know about the ways that our bodies really and truly work, and how best to get them to work in the best way possible.
Trust me I’ve been on all the forums and Facebook fan pages and seen how there are literally tons of people out there that actually get on this lemonade diet within just minutes of seeing how it works and what the whole process involves.
To have the best chance of success on this whole process it is essential that you take the time to really get out there and understand the whole master cleanse system and what it will actually do to your body.
Mistake Number 2: Appreciating Your Cravings
Believe me my friend you need to sit down and really appreciate all the different cravings that you may experience during the cleansing process. Yes it is human nature to want to eat and when you get the feeling of hunger you will want to do nothing but put some food down your mouth.
But of course you need to understand that just because you feel hungry doesn’t mean it is a literal life or death situation. A lot of the times the cravings we have for food are more psychological than anything else.
The older we get the more we begin to associate different types of foods to different situations. So over time you care less about the food but more about the feeling that you associate with the foods you eat.
So often times you will find yourself doing whatever you do in any given day and suddenly a situation occurs and you will feel extremely hungry.
But trust me most of the hunger pangs you feel are directly down to psychological issues. However when the time comes when you are really hungry you should never ignore it.
The more days that pass on the cleanse the clearer the picture will be on exactly when you are feeling really hungry or when you are hungry for various different psychological reasons.
There are some really incredible resources out there that will help you to understand and appreciate the different cravings you have for food and how to create a better more meaningful relationship with that food.
Here are some of the books you should check out in regards to cravings:
1. Constant Craving by Doreen Virtue
2. Women Food and God by Gennen Roth
The second book is really great in that the author actually goes back to the basics where she makes the point that how you eat is in direction relation to the way you live your life.
Yes, as controversial as it may sound what and how you happen to eat reflects the kind of person you actually are and what your opinions on love, anger, fear and even religion are.
Mistake Number 3: Buying Bad Quality Maple Syrup
Please for goodness sake never cheap out or be lazy in the ingredients that you purchase. Buying the best quality maple syrup is really important. If you are not bothered to mess about with all the ingredients that go into the lemon juice then I’d recommend that you get yourself some lemonade diet pills.
If you are planning on using all the natural ingredients then you need to ensure that you get the darkest possible Maple Syrup that you can get your hands on. Seriously the results you get will be profound so please do your best to get out there and find highest quality maple syrup you can afford.
The darker it is the more nutrients you will find in it.
The fresher the maple syrup the more nutrients you will find in it.
You can of course do more reading on this if you wish.
Mistake Number 4: Not Stocking Enough Lemons Or Maple Syrup
Yes, this often happens as it did with me the very first time I did my cleanse. So you need to make an effort to get yourself really organized.
The best thing to do is to stock up on the organic lemons for a few days at a time. If you unfortunately do run out of lemons then just stick to drinking the drink with just maple syrup.
If you happen to run out of both the maple syrup and the lemons then I’d recommend that you find some sort of alternative… perhaps honey.
But of course this is a temporary measure… so you really need to get out there and stock up on supplies.
Mistake 5: Eating Solid Foods During The Cleanse
Believe me if you are planning to cheat then you may as well not bother to start… because you will not get good results if you eat solid foods during your cleanse.
Once you give in and start to eat one thing it will quickly move onto the next and before you know it you will end up gorging on a massive pile of junk foods.
Yes, the cleanse is not easy at times but there is one trick that may help out during the times you are feeling a little more peckish than usual. Try adding a little maple syrup to your laxative tea in the evening. It will help to curb your hunger pangs.
Herbal tea is of course allowed on the cleanse so this will be a great way to keep the hunger at bay.
If you are feeling even more hungry and are on the verge of giving up… try drinking a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. But be sure to drink a lot of water with it.
Mistake Number 6: Not Doing The Salt Water Flush Consistently
Getting the toxins out of your system is just the first part of the process you need to get your bowels moving to get them all out of your body. You need to make your bowels move every single day of the cleanse for optimal results.
The best time to do it is of course in the morning. So from the moment you wake up just mix up the salt water flush and drink it.
Don’t even think about it… just do it!
Mistake Number 7: Not Easing Out Of The Cleanse Properly
You haven’t had food for at least 10 days if not more, so it really isn’t a good idea to start gorging on food immediately when you are ready to break out of the cleanse.
That is a sure fire way to cause serious health issues, so please avoid that at all costs.
The best thing to do it take it slowly by easing out of the cleanse one day at a time. So begin by eating fruit and then eating soup and then start eating a few solids.
Another tip is to ensure that you are getting in enough water into your system as you are easing back into eating solid foods again.
So there you have it all the major mistakes people make in regards to the Master Cleanse… hopefully you will avoid all of them and see great success on your own journey

Everything You Need To Know About The Salt Water Flush

Of course the whole purpose of the Master Cleanse / Lemonade Diet is to help your body to remove all the nasty toxins that have been laying inside of you over the last few years. Now while the lemon drink itself will help to get the toxins out of your system you are going to have to make the effort to expel them from your body. This of course is only going to happen by creating some good old bowel movements… which is done by doing the Salt Water Flush first thing in the morning.
The Salt Water Flush is done to artificially create the bowel movement because you are not eating any sort of solid foods.
While you might be okay with just drinking laxative tea every single night I would recommend doing the SWF every morning as it just makes the whole process a lot easier.
Don’t worry if you don’t have a clue where to start with the salt water flush, because there is a video at the end of the post that will guide you through everything that you need to know.
Two Tips To Help You Do The Salt Water Flush Properly
1. Never use iodized table salt for your salt water flush, Make sure that you opt for non iodized sea salt.
2. You have to make sure that you only ever do the SWF on an empty stomach… hence why it is best to do it first thing in the morning when you wake up.
Believe me the salt water flush is a critical part of the Master cleanse. Doing it in the morning will be the best option, so make the effort to get up early to do it.
Of course you need to make the effort to make this a habit and you will need to be alert once you take it down because your bowels wil begin moving very shortly after you drink the solution.
You can expect to be on the toilet with an hour of drinking the salt water flush solution.
While this whole process is nothing pleasant it is crucial to the whole master cleanse process. You need those harmful toxins out of your body and this is the only way to do it.
Salt Water Flush Video Going Through The Basics Of The Salt Water Flush:

How to Make the Salt Water Flush Solution:
Get yourself an empty 1 litre water bottle and a teaspoon and create a mixture using the following ingredients:
1. 2 teaspoons of Sea Salt
2. 1 Quart of warm (high quality and pure) water
Mix the above ingredients all together to create a nice solution.
That is all there is to creating the Salt Water Flush solution.
What if The Salt Water Flush Doesn’t Work?
The thing to remember is that this solution works for anyone that gives it a go.
But every person out there is a little different and so you may need to vary the amount of salt that you put into the solution until you get it to the right amount for you. So if the two teaspoons isn’t working then experiment with a little more until you get the desired bowel movements :)
It is equally important to remember to never use iodized table salt… organic non iodized sea salt is the best option.
Cleaning Out Your Body With The Salt Water Flush
Once the solution is mixed, put the cap of the bottle on and shake it like a nutter.
Once mixed up, open the cap and do your best to drink it up all in one go.
Now this will be a little challenging at first because the solution tastes horrible and your stomach has become extremely small due to you not eating any solids.
But believe me no matter how hard it is the best thing to do is tilt your head back and keep drinking until you get the desired result… which is to finish the bottle all in one go!
Of course you don’t have to drink it all up in one go but it is certainly the best option and you want to minimize the amount you actually taste the drink.
Do whatever suits you best…
Some Helpful Tips In Regards To The Salt Water Flush
Of course don’t just sit there waiting for the call of nature once you have drunk the solution but instead go about your day until you feel the urge to go to the toilet.
There are some people out there who have said that laying down on their right side actually helps to speed up the whole process but honestly I’ve tried this and it hasn’t done anything for more… but of course you’re more than welcome to try it yourself.
Some Things You Should Expect From Doing The Salt Water Flush
Make sure that you never go running off to the bathroom the moment you feel a grumble in your tummy.
Let your stomach stir a little and hold it in. While this may seem a little strange to you it is a really important step, you must not forget. You need to let the pressure build up.
The reality is that you may end up going to the toilet about 3 – 7 times, and in the end you will have expelled all the salt water that you drank in the first place.
Yes, that’s right all the salt water will disapear and come out of you.
Will The Salt Water Flush Cause Dehydration?
The simple answer is NO.
The reason being is that the salt water solution you drink can’t be digested by your body. Salt water by itself can’t be digested by your system so you won’t have an issue.
So you are literally going to be expelling the whole solution you drank just moments ago.
The first couple of days of doing this salt water flush you will be expelling all the solid food waste that was in your system from the last couple of days.
So I hope this article has shown you how powerful the salt water flush can actually be in your quest to cleanse out your body. All the junk and filth that has been lying in your body for years will slowly but surely be removed.
When you feel like you are done, you should not feel like it is completely over.
While you are waiting around to see if you need to go to the toilet again be sure to NOT fart. Farting most likely will not just be air that is released! So please be careful.
This point is something that you are going to want to take very seriously from now on. Farting is a no, no when you are on the cleanse.
Once you are done, I’d recommend that you flush the toilet straightaway. What’s there will be quite horrific to look at.
Once you are able to go about 15 minutes without going to the toilet then you should be okay to go about your day to do whatever you wish.
So obviously this whole process requires that you are a little flexible for time so if you are busy in the morning needing to go to work then I’d recommend that you do it in the evening when you have a little more spare time.
At the end of the day while the salt water flush is probably the worst part of the whole Master cleanse / Lemonade diet process it is really essential if you want to really and truly get rid of every last toxin that is within your body.

Important Facts You Need To Know About The Master Cleanse

Important Facts You Need To Know About The Master Cleanse
The whole purpose behind this post will be to help explain what the main elements of the Master Cleanse actually are.
So I will make the effort to actually talk about things like how to minimize the annoying symptoms that you may experience, The whole easing in and easing out process and exactly how you should maintain the results you achieve after you finish the cleansing process.
So first of all…
How Should You Do The Master Cleanse and What Kind of Results Can You Expect?
The best part about the master cleanse is the fact that it is incredibly simple to follow but that means every step is a crucial part of the process and something that you must follow if you are to successfully see great results.
Being that it is important you follow the right steps you are going to want to really take the time to make sure you are following the right set of instructions.
You need to take the time to know about the ingredients that go into the master cleanse but it is equally if not more important to make sure that you appreciate the mental and physical challenges that you will face when you are on this diet.
If you take the time to really know all the challenges that you will have to face, then you will be able to better prepare yourself to get ready and overcome those obstacles with ease and therefore you will end the process feeling great and having achieved the results you have been after.
So What Symptoms Will You Experience When On The Master Cleanse?
The number one reason you will be experiencing any of these symptoms in the first place is because your body is working to get rid of all the toxins and rubbish that has accumulated within you.
So believe me these sorts of symptoms are not exclusive to the lemonade diet but in fact common to pretty much all the best detox diets that are out there.
But believe me none of these signs are a bad thing for you because it just means that your body is doing its job to get rid of all that junk that has been piling up within you over the years.
The good thing is that all the negative symptoms you may get such as bad breath, white tongue and headaches are things that don’t last forever.
They usually come and go, so there may be days where you feel absolutely wonderful and have tons of energy but then there will be days where you feel really down and just want to pack the towel in.
But you must not worry and keep moving forward.
Please note that the more toxins you have in your body the more negative symptoms you will experience over the course of your detox cleanse.
Steps You Can Take To Minimize The Negative Symptoms You Experience
To really help your body through this terrible experience you are going to want to do your level best to make sure that you drink the lemonade juice drink as scheduled.
This is mainly because all the ingredients that come in the lemonade diet drink will actually be working with your body to get rid of all the toxins that much faster.
Believe me the number one purpose of this cleanse is to help your body to get rid of all the toxins that have been slowly but surely been building up within you over the years. While these negative symptoms may be a little annoying at first I can assure you that in the long run it will be more than worth it.
If you don’t take the short term pain then all you will be doing is allowing the toxins to flow around freely inside of your body which really isn’t a great thing.
This is where the next step of the cleanse comes into effect and that is the laxatives tea’s and the Salt Water Flush.
A Quick Glance Into The Various Steps Of The Master Cleanse
Most people get on the Master Cleanse for a total period of 10 days and there is also an added 3 days ease in an out period to give your body the best chance of success.
For most people you are going to want to do the cleanse about 3 − 4 times a year.
Taking The Time To Get The Best Ingredients and Equipment
To really maximize your chances of success with the master cleanse you are going to want to take the time to actually get all the things you need beforehand. This way you have to get everything done and you won’t have any excuses as to why you were successful.
Never try to complicate things and do your level best to stick to the original formula as much as you can. There are of course certain tricks that will help you get the same results while minimizing the heartache… but believe me there is a massive different between a genuine shortcut and you cutting corners!
Easing Into The Master Cleanse
While this is an optional phase of the diet it will help a lot of you out there that are not sure will be able to cope with suddenly giving up on all kinds of foods.
The great benefit of slowly easing into the lemonade diet is the fact that you will be able to radically reduce the negative symptoms you may experience as a result of detoxing and ultimately in the long run you will be able to appreciate a diet that you can implement on a daily basis when you’re not on the cleanse.
The whole purpose is to help you understand that while you are not on the cleanse you need to be doing your level best to eat as many living things as you possibly can. Things like raw vegetables etc.
During these three days your diet should be mainly focused on eating fresh organic vegetables juices and things like fresh soups and broths.
So What Part Does The Lemonade Diet Play In The Master Cleanse?
The lemonade is really a very simple little juice that consists of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and water… and that’s it.
While it is really simple you need to make sure that you are drinking enough of it and making it in the proper manner to get the absolute best results… and believe me hunger won’t be an issue if you keep to the schedule and drink it regularly throughout the day.
Of course you can also drink as much water as you want throughout the day but please make sure that you stick to the purest and highest quality water you can get.
The lemon juice is just part of the whole process because while it will help your body to get the toxins out you need to make sure that you are consuming proper amounts of laxative tea and drinking the salt water flush to help your body to remove all the toxins from your system as fast as possible.
During the time you are on the Master Cleanse you should expect to be going to the toilet quite a bit. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much waste comes out of your body during the time you are on the cleanse.
Easing Out Of The Master Cleanse
Now the main cleanse part of the process is done with you are going to want to move onto the easing out phase which is essentially getting used to eating the kinds of foods that you ought to be eating every single day of your life from now on… and yes that ideally means you will want to avoid eating anymore processed foods.
This part is basically three days long and will help your body get used to eating solid foods one day at a time.
After The Whole Process…
If you are absolutely serious about getting the best results in the time that you do the Master cleanse then there are a few things you could do…
The first thing that I’d recommend you do is get yourself some lemonade diet pills and use those instead of making fresh lemonade. Not only will you get the same results but you will end up avoiding all the hassle of making lemonade every single day. By far this has been the greatest contributor to my long term success with the whole Master cleanse.
Other things you could do is…
Get a Body scrub
Participate in an infrared sauna
Get a massage
Doing the above will help you get your body into prime health by the time you complete the cleanse.
You really need to also make sure that you are giving your body the time to really relax as much as you can. Just follow how you feel on any given day and you will be fine.
Some days you will be jumping for joy, full of energy whereas other days you will be feeling tired and worn out and so you will want to give your body the rest that it needs on those days.
So Ultimately Are You Really Ready To Do The Master Cleanse?
Believe me there is no better detox diet out there. You will not only lose an incredible amount of weight, just check out my crazy weight loss success story but you will end the process with a healthier mind and body.
Another great thing is that it is 100% safe and natural.
So if you are ready, just get out there and do it already… believe me you will not regret it.

Are You Allowed To Exercise On The Master Cleanse?

Are You Allowed To Exercise On The Master Cleanse?
lady-exercisingThe people that have been on the Master Cleanse before will tell you that all that extra energy will make you feel like running around and exercising all day!
They will say that they will feel even more energetic and alive after their workouts than before them. They will be so pumped that they will want to drag out the workouts to make them as long as possible.
Believe me I too have experienced this euphoric feeling and it is amazing. There are of course going to be times during the cleanse where you will not feel up to it because your body will be working really hard to get rid of all the toxins that are inside you… so these are the times you need to take heed and relax a bit.
Of course listening to your body is the key to getting the most out of your cleanse. So when you are tired and feeling a little sick then I’d recommend that you stick to relaxing.
But for the times when you feel pumped and are bursting with energy then I’d recommend that you do get out there and exercise if you wish.
What Are The Best Forms Of Exercise You Should Do When On The Cleanse?
Now there are millions of exercises that a person could do when they are on the Master Cleanse diet.
Some of these exercises will require more effort than others. So here are some of the best exercises you can do in my opinion:
1. Running
2. Walking
3. Stretching
4. Yoga
5. Tai Chi
6. Swimming
7. Biking
These exercises are not only going to provide you with a great workout but will help you to relax too :)